Start them young on a new journey they’ll thank you for later...

£40 a month 12 classes a month

• Improve balance and coordination
• Engrain discipline and respect from an early age
• Build listening and learning skills
• A safe outlet to burn off energy and have fun!

We teach Tots Kickboxing from the age of 3 and we understand how important it is to have “positive role models” in their lives! With over 40 years of teaching experience collectively, we aim to challenge even the youngest of minds. Our coaches understand the importance of starting them young, giving them a safe place to train, and keeping them fit healthy and strong whilst completely safe! Taking them away from traditional methods of learning and allowing them to improve balance, co-ordination, understanding right from wrong and following simple tasks and instructions through NON contact kickboxing sessions at HKA, there’s no better way to keep them engaged! Once they’ve worked their way through tots, it doesn’t end there and they can continue journey up into Cadets!

A strong foundation is where it all starts and we work on building that foundation in a positive environment through martial arts at HKA. It’s a great way for tots to make new friends and have fun learning a new skill. At HKA we provide a well-balanced set of classes for different skill sets and intensity levels to cater for every age and level of student.

HKA teaser #2

Teaser #2 from the project i am currently working on down at hastings kickboxing academy! Remember eyes peeled... P.S watch in HD!!!! #DRF #HKA #FILMS #KICKBOXING

Posted by Dale Rook Films on Friday, 19 February 2016

Monday 5.30pm - 6.10pm£18 a month (4 classes a month)
Thursday - 6.10pm£24 a month (8 classes a month)

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  • Block 1, Ivyhouse industrial Estate, Brook Way Hastings, East Sussex TN35 4NN